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Commercial Roofing Contractor in Oklahoma

From built up roofs to TPO, we are a commercial roofer that offers a broad selection of styles, materials, and systems, including:

  • LEED Certified Green Roofs
  • EPDM Roofing
  • Built Up Roofing (Hot Tar and Gravel)
  • Modified Bitumen

Heartland has been providing commercial roofing installation in OKC and Tulsa for over a decade. Fill out the form to request your estimate today!


I don't normally do this but I must say I don't think I've ever done business with a more professional and accommodating company. They have absolutely gone above and beyond to take care of my needs. I highly recommend! Thank you Heartland.
Mike Wilson • Homeowner


Heartland Roofing Voted Best Residential Roofer in Oklahoma City

Heartland Roofing & Exteriors was voted the #1 Roofing Company in OKC for 2012 by RoofingOklahoma.org.  We’ve been a local presence for a long time, and we know that there are several excellent companies that offer roofing, windows, siding and storm damage repair like us.
But, we do strive to be the best in every project we start, and getting a little recognition for good work and customer service always feels great!

Single Ply Roofing Systems for Flat Roofs

• Thermoplastic Roofing (TPO)

Thanks to the recent advances in technology, manufacturers specializing in flat roofing systems are able to develop a unique thermoplastic membrane that known for its durability and flexibility. What’s more, TPO roofs are incredibly versatile and resistant to heat, cold, fire, punctures, high winds and other elements. Generally, this type of commercial application can last up to 2 decades or more.

• EPDM Roofing

Known for their unparalleled strength and adaptability, EPDM roofs are also easy to install and maintain, which is largely why it is now becoming one of the most popular choices in Oklahoma.


Bituminous Roofing Systems for Flat Roofs


• Built Up Roofing (Hot Tar and Gravel)

Built-Up roofs (BUR) consist of layers of hot tar and gravel over waterproof materials to create a thick barrier on your flat roof. The oldest and most common type of flat roof in the US, BUR systems are now becoming less popular due to the superior alternatives offered by TPO systems, which offer improved energy efficiency, durability, and lower installation costs (can’t beat that combination!)

• Modified Bitumen

Modified bitumen membranes offer an improvement over the classic built-up method. TPO is still the preferred system for Oklahoma City flat roofs, but modified bitumen can offer both longer life span and improved weatherproofing over the typical BUR installation.

LEED Certified Green Roofs

The recent advances in “greener” or more energy-efficient has led to more affordable and long lasting green roofing systems which are becoming increasingly more popular.

Green roofs consist of everything from basic energy efficiency upgrades suitable for all roofs to lush garden roofs which are best constructed on flat roofs that are covered with a water resistant membrane. They can either be completely or partially covered with vegetation that will work to absorb much of the heat and help boost insulation.

Whether you are replacing an old roof or installing a new one, make sure to carefully consider your options and weigh on which one suits your needs the best. Heartland Roofing has been supplying affordable, quality commercial roofs in Omaha, Oklahoma City, and Tulsa for more than a decade. Call us today!


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