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Heartland Roofing and Exteriors brings its customers the Best Roof for Severe Weather—Hurricane Metal Shake Roofing

The HURRICANE® Metal Shake has the highest wind rating available, passing the ASTM E1592 test at CAT5 windspeeds. The TEK® Industries team has put together a product and strategy that brings you a beautifully crafted high TEK Roofing solution. Not only can the Hurricane Metal Shake withstand CAT5 windspeeds it also can withstand up to 2″ Hail.

Click on the image to the left to download a breakdown of the proprietary manufacturing process which makes these metal shakes exceptionally strong and beautiful.

Something to Be Excited About

As you’d expect, interest in TEK® roofing products is skyrocketing and more homeowners are taking advantage of this opportunity each day. As they learn more of the details, they realize how crazy it would be to miss out on this great investment. Metal roofing by its nature endures better than any other solution. The homeowners’ insurance company should be able to offer them a discount on insurance premiums for Class 4 Roofing, an additional savings!

The Best Roofing For Severe Weather

For severe weather regions, HURRICANE® Metal Shake is the perfect solution. It has additional fasteners per panel, and each fastener is designed with higher corrosion-resistance coating. Hurricane Shake has a 2-pound density foam insert made from a CNC Machine. HURRICANE® Metal Shake passed with the highest rating for both uplift and impact testing.


1. Highly reflective to the radiant heat.

2. Foam Insulation inserts for increased R-value and walkability.

2. Will self ventilate using built in 3/8″ air space.

3. Super strong solid steel 26 gauge core.

4. Corrosion resistant aluminum zinc coating.

5. Rock coated exterior for superior weather resistance.

6. CAT-5 Wind resistance.

7. Can withstand baseball size hail.

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