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What's the best roof for my home?

[fa icon="calendar"] January 9,2017 / by Brad Neff

Brad Neff

best-roof-for-my-home.pngWhether you are building a roof from scratch or looking into replacing an old one, the variety of options in the market is simply staggering: metal, slate, tile, asphalt, they all have their pros and cons, not to mention their very specific style and look. So you ask, “What is the best roof for my home?” and we answer: let’s find out!

There are a number of factors to consider to answer the question “What is the best roof for my home?” so the real answer is, it depends.


Ask yourself: 

Am I building for the long run, or looking for a quick turnaround?

This will help you decide whether you want to invest more for a really durable roof, or if you want a solution with a shorter lifespan and smaller price tag.

Will my roof have to withstand extreme weather events?

Homes in the Midwest in states like Kansas and Oklahoma that are prone to high winds, as well as those in Tornado Alley will have to look for a roof with a proven track of standing to high winds and natural disasters. If your home is in one of these states you may have to abandon your dream of natural clay tile in favor of something stronger and more reliable.

If you’re replacing a roof, check your existing structure. How much weight can it handle? The lighter tiles weigh around six pounds per square foot, while the heaviest ones can go up to a respectable 18 pounds per square foot. If your structure is not ready to handle the loads, and you don’t want to invest in reinforcing it, consider lighter alternatives such as metal roofs made to look like tile. Metal roofing can be as light as one pound per square foot.

Do you need a stiff slope on your roof?

Do you live in a place where snow is a consideration? Some roofs lend themselves better to high slopes, while others are only good for flat or nearly flat roofs. 

What look are you going for?

With all the options in the market, you can find a roof that suits all the previous requirements and still looks just the way you want it to. Do you prefer a classic roof, or something more contemporary? Craftsman style, or modern? Nowadays metal roofs come in many finishes and colors, so you can easily achieve practically any look.

A final consideration: remember to ask if the materials used for the roof are sustainable, recyclable, and friendly in any way to the environment. Environmental considerations should also help you make your roofing decision, so that in the end you, your home and the planet benefit from your beautiful new roof. 



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Brad Neff

Written by Brad Neff

Brad Neff is the President and Owner of Heartland Roofing in Oklahoma. He started the Oklahoma City roofing office in 2000, and has since expanded with a Tulsa area office to provide services for residents searching for Tulsa roofing companies.