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#1 Metal Roofing Contractor in Oklahoma

[fa icon="calendar"] February 8,2017 / by Brad Neff

Brad Neff


Metal roofing is a popular choice among commercial building owners for the simple reason that they are strong and durable yet easily maintained. These lightweight materials are easy on the eyes as they come in an array of attractive colors and designs to complement any structure. A metal roof also ensures protection from the harsh elements as they are naturally resistant to heavy winds, rain, and fire.

Heartland Roofing & Exteriors offers residential and commercial metal roofing systems in Oklahoma City and Tulsa

If you are looking to outfit your home or building with metal roofing then here are some options that you will need to look into:

1. Vertical Seam Panels

Also known as standing seam panels, this type of metal roofing consists of vertical sheets that stretch out from the eaves all the way to the edge of the roof. Fastened together by gasket screws that infiltrate the panel directly through the substrate, these thru-fastened layers are mostly used in cabins and mountain homes.

Vertical seam panels are typically made from steel, copper, zinc, terne metal and aluminum. As with all metal systems, they are very resistant to weather damage and allow for quick installation.

2. Modular Press-Formed Pre-Painted Panels

These kinds of modular metal pre-painted panels are interlaced together to form a cohesive roof. They are made with standard shapes and dimensions held together by concealed fasteners, which are easily assembled together.

Modular press-formed pre-painted panels are traditionally made from steel, copper, terne metal, aluminum and zinc.

3. Modular Press-Formed Granular Coated

Also crafted from standard sized panels, the modular press-formed granular coated sheets are glued together either by fasteners or acrylic coating that gives it its granular appearance.

4. Water Shedding Systems

Water shedding metal roof systems are specifically meant for low sloped roofs that run 12 inches from eave to edge and ascends to at least 3 inches.


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Brad Neff

Written by Brad Neff

Brad Neff is the President and Owner of Heartland Roofing in Oklahoma. He started the Oklahoma City roofing office in 2000, and has since expanded with a Tulsa area office to provide services for residents searching for Tulsa roofing companies.